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Hey gorgeous! I'm so happy you are here.

fika [ˈfēkə]


  1. (in Swedish custom) a moment of quality time to savor with oneself or others, accompanied by hot beverage and sweets.

Step One

Let's start your hair journey together, first book your appointment

Step Two

I will email you a digital welcome packet so you know exactly what to expect 

Step Three

Arrive at the hair salon calm

and confident,

and leave feeling excited and rejuvenated

What I do best

What people are saying...

White interior
"Emily was awesome and did a wonderful job. I'm so very pleased with my color and cut. I was very nervous , as I put this off for over a year. And was definitely worth the wait. "
                                                              -Julie B.
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Thanks gorgeous! I will be in touch within 48 hours Monday- Friday

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